Temple Master Certification


Having understood the benefit of temple space from Sacred Geometry I & II, dive into another layer & add more depth and understanding to the spaces you can create.

Using the Sacred Geometries, learn how to establish temples that have the ability to benefit your home, self & life.

The Temple of Pythagoras, Melchizedek & Noah are the three temples you will learn to Master in this program. Anchoring in energies of safety, spirituality, love & high magick are just a few of the benefits included in these temples.

Master the art of protecting & bringing in more light to a space. Heighten your abilities to contact the divine and bring in deeper personal connections.

Take your healing practice & space to a completely different dimension by accessing and anchoring completely new energies into your life with these invaluable temples.


(Pre-Requisites Sacred Geometries I, II, III & Empower Thyself)