Spiritual Drug Detox System

(Spiritual & Holistic Reconfiguration for Substance Abuse)

This advanced healing protocol is specific to the needs of the recovering from medicinal or recreational substance abuse. Recreational & medicinal drugs have massive effects on not just the physical body, but also on the Mind, Soul & Spirit.

It heals and addresses the various energy systems we have as humans:

  • Past Life Emanations – Releasing unconscious hooks that are not part of one’s present reality.
  • Magnetic Imbalances
  • Physical Trauma
  • Repairing, Reconfiguring & Restoring energy systems like the Etheric Body, Auric Body, Chakra System & more.
  • Emotional Trauma & Heart Healing- Healing emotional wounds that perpetuate the cycle of addiction.
  • Soul Trauma & Healing of Pituitary & Pineal Glands
  • Spirit Trauma & Restoring Divine Essence

This detoxification series is meant to support and work with those already committed to their own healing.

The S.D.D begins with a minimum of 10 sessions and is tailored to the individual needs of the client. (More than 10 sessions, emotional support, empowerment sessions, check-ins, meditation classes etc.)

*Mangata respects & honours medical & holistic rehabilitation and recommends that anyone considering this Spiritual Drug Detox System to continue and complete their prescribed support systems as well.

If you or somebody you know could benefit from this program please feel free to CONTACT US.