SANCTUARY MEDITATION: Higher Self Meditation

Do you find yourself constantly doubting or ignoring your inner voice?

Do you suffer from the feeling of being alone?

Do you feel like there is a part of you longing to be heard, but you just don’t know how to listen?

In this workshop, you will learn to use specific meditation techniques that allow you to open your chakras and journey up to your Sanctuary- a place created by you, within your mind’s eye, where you receive clarity, guidance, peace & relaxation.  Within your sanctuary you attain a key needed to move forward on your path & take your spiritual development to the next level.

The key is that of your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is a being that is 110% there for you on your spiritual journey, & nourishing this relationship can become paramount in moving forward.

This 3 hour workshop provides you with not only the experience of entering your Sanctuary and meeting your Higher Self, but also offers a step by step walk-through so you can continue to practice and build this relationship and space on your own.