As the Life Activation awakens connection between the Spirit and Physical Body, the Full Spirit Activation takes this connection another level deeper by connecting both the Soul & Etheric bodies.

The Soul is the mediator between the Spirit and the Physical Body. The Full Spirit Activation allows for a much smoother and strengthened connection between Spirit and the physical, allowing clarity and empowerment to flow with ease into one’s life.

In addition, this modality awakens both the pituitary and pineal glands within the body. This enhances both the nervous and sensory systems, allowing you to be more present & in tune with your body. As the primal state of awareness is awakened in the body, the “true you” and your divine DNA origins awaken from dormancy as well.

Also included in this session:

Chakra  Awakening

Tree of Life Awakening

Purificato & Crystallis

Having both physical & spiritual components, like acupuncture points,  when these energy systems are open they promote body circulation as well as the ability to better manifest & flow in one’s life.

Purificato & Crystallis are homeopathic take-home remedies to help with detoxification & integration. Toxins are released from our DNA and could be genetic, environmental or emotional. The elixirs neutralizes the effects of these toxins as they move out of your system.

Connect with your truest self. Create the life you’ve always dreamed.


(Prerequisite Life Activation within 3 months)