Empower Thyself


Hands down one of the most powerful and transformational programs you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

Over this 2 day program, you will gain ancient tools & rituals that allow you to shift your energy and  flow light and empowerment into your being- while opening you up to many amazing concepts surrounding yourself and the universe we are apart of.  The teachings received in this program originate from an over 3000 year old lineage that dates back to the ancient civilizations of humanity. These teachings have remained true & relevant up to this day and age.  Passed down from guide to student over thousands of years, this lineage and it’s teachings have withstood the test of time.

In this program, you will be reconnected and aligned with the flow of the universe and nature, as well as acquiring 4 new spirit guides to begin guiding you on your reawakened path of self progression.

Some of the teachings covered include:

  • An introduction to The Universal Kabbalah & The Tree of Life
  • The 7 spiritual Dimensions & the 12 Physical dimensions: helping gain a higher perspective on the universe .
  • The Structure of the Hierarchy of Light: Angels, Masters of Light & their role in our existence.
  • The Energetic Breakdown of the Soul, Aura, Etheric body & it’s many layers.
  • Learning about the Psychic Senses and how to strengthen & reawaken yours through specific exercise and techniques.
  • Ancient Rituals to use in your daily life for protection, increased energy & flow and emotional & elemental balance. Allowing for self healing on a WHOLE new level.
  • Understanding how to expand your central core to flow more light & positive energy into your life.
  • Deep and insightful meditations that give you an opportunity to visit your sanctuary and meet with your Higher Self- A being that is here for your spiritual progression and personal growth through your journey.

The program concludes with a sacred initiation ceremony into the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light, anchoring 10X more light, energy, flow, abundance & empowerment.  This massive energy shift beings the process of awakening you to your life’s purpose & allowing you to live a more spiritually profound existence.

Many revolutionary people before us have walked this path of initiation- Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, David Bowie & Winston Churchill, just to name a few.

This is a path for those willing & ready to make unfathomable change on the planet and within their own lives. These teachings are not from the New Age Movement as they have been tried, tested & true for thousands of years dating back before times of the Ancient Egyptians.

If you feel called to this path or feel you have something greater within you to offer to this world, then this weekend program will propel you forward in ways you couldn’t imagine.