Egyptian Aura Cleaning Certification


Another opportunity to add a new service to your tool belt. Building upon the foundations set in the Crystal Lightworker Certification workshop, this modality brings in the help of crystals & The Egyptian Pantheon. This healing focuses on the first 7 layers of the aura and their corresponding qualities, and deals mainly with our connection to the astral body.

In this program, learn how to clear & heal 7 layers of the Aura & be introduced to each layers corresponding God or Goddess.

The Layers are each related to different things and govern over:

  • The Spirit level
  • The Soul level
  • The Astral level
  • The Mind
  • Our ability to Plan
  • The way in which we Act
  • Dreaming

As these layers of the aura are cleared, revitalization, rejuvenation, clarity & deep healing takes places.

Use this modality to heal yourself & heal others bringing a new balance into your life.

What makes this workshop different?

All the information & modalities we offer and teach in this workshop date back thousands of years. These teachings have always been held and handed down in the oral tradition by an ancient unbroken Lineage.


(Pre-Requisite Crystal Lightworker Certification)