Crystal Lightworker Certification

Become a Crystal Practitioner.

Bring healing and light into your life and the lives of those around you!


In this extensive 2 Day Workshop you will attain ancient knowledge and tools that will allow you to:

Day 1: Sacred Geometry Level 1

  • Create a sacred temple space using Sacred Geometry.
  • Knowing how to set space for you clients is key when you have a practice.
  • Learn how to shift and raise the vibration of any space. Whether it’s for your workplace, home studio or meditation room, bringing positive energy into your space makes a huge difference.
  • Acquire an attunement of the Sacred Geometries within.

Day 2: Sacred Geometry Level 2

  • Perform Crystal Healings on clients! This incredibly versatile series proves useful in many areas of our lives

Some of these areas include:

  • Stabilizing mood swings, depression, anger, frustration & anxiety.
  • Clearing the mind of constant thought & negative thought patterns.
  • Aiding the physical body of its aches, pains & internal problems.
  • Heightening libido, low energy, lack of excitement & passion.
  • Bringing focus to one’s reality & helping manage time more fluently.
  • Empowering one to believe in themselves and to trust their own intuition & guidance.

-Heal old & new wounds as well as bring in good fortune with 3 ancient Crystal Healing Rites. Crystal Healing Rites begin an accelerated healing process and are extremely powerful.

-Perform crystal readings by accessing a client’s Akashic Records using twin crystals. Obtain information & insight from the past or the future.

-Dream with Crystals. Learn how to use crystals to have more vivid dreams & a more restful sleep.

-Geometrically Grid a home, business or space using crystals. Learn 4 specific Crystal Grids to anchor in protection, light, positive energy, God & Goddess energies, as well as manifestation.

Change your life & yours and your clients space with these powerful grids.

-Learn proper care and maintenance for your Healing & Working Crystals. Happy crystals do good work!

Obtain tools to begin your own practice & begin generating income while being in service to others.

This is a GREAT workshop to take if you are an aspiring Lightworker or one looking for more to offer.

Receive Working & Healing Crystals to start your business as soon as you leave the workshop!

What makes this workshop different?

All the information & modalities we offer and teach in this workshop date back thousands of years. These teachings have always been held and handed down in the oral tradition by an ancient unbroken Lineage.

$425 for Full Workshop

$340 if you have already done Sacred Geometry 1.

$365 if you have done Sacred Geometry 1 but would still like to attend both days.