Crystals are conscious beings holding great power & capable of healing many things when properly directed. This incredibly versatile series proves useful for many areas of our lives.

Some of these areas include:

  • Stabilizing mood swings, depression, anger, frustration & anxiety.
  • Clearing the mind of constant thought & negative thought patterns.
  • Aiding the physical body of its aches, pains & internal problems.
  • Heightening libido, low energy, lack of excitement & passion.
  • Bringing focus to one’s reality & helping manage time more fluently.
  • Empowering one to believe in themselves and to trust their own intuition and guidance.

A gentle & relaxing healing, done in a minimum of 3 sessions, to help treat discomfort and dis- ease within one’s self.


Series (3 private sessions) or 5 Sessions for $325