Understand & discover a spiritual path that works for you.

In this workshop, receive a handing down of ancient rituals to help protect and call in positive energy & light into your life.

Learn the basics of meditation along with a simple and easy-to-use method that will allow you to visit your own personal Sanctuary, as well as receive keys to meeting your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is a being that has only your spiritual growth, progression and highest good in mind. Your Higher Self will give you guidance, support & unconditional love so you can become the master of yourself & your life .

The path of Initiation is a big part of self mastery & has been used throughout many cultures and walked for thousands of years. All the topics & tools discussed and passed down in this workshop are pieces and keys from within the path of Initiation. Learn what Initiation is, why it is done, and how it will benefit your life.

Close off the day by engaging in a Sacred Sun Healing Ceremony and connect with healing energies, divinity & the light within in a safe community environment.

An excellent opportunity to heal, learn & grow.