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Mangata is a hub for Holistic Energy Healing & Advanced Spiritual Training in Mississauga. Offering the finest & most powerful Healing & Empowerment tools available on the planet today. As certified guides, healers & teachers within the Lineage of King Salomon, our team is backed by over 3,000 years of unbroken healing traditions & tools that transform lives.

Are you ready to release your limitations, awaken your hidden potential & live a purpose fuelled life?

Here’s what people have to say

  • “Life has been one heck of a journey, before Mangata came into my life .. I was struggling really hard to find out where I was suppose to be . Slowly slowly things started to unravel and with a boost and kickstart Alex and Olivia had done just that !!! Thank you for their humble support, arms wide open and ready they had offered my family and I PURE LOVE !! Every thing that they give has truly and continues to change my life .  

    You will not be disappointed in meeting these two amazing people !!!  Check out their meditations and courses they offer to give YOU a kick start in your journey to find yourself back home to YOUR SELF. “

    • Aliss Tang
  • “Life can be distracting. It’s hard to experience truly ‘being’. Our bodies and minds are constantly thrown into new positions. Thanks to Olivia’s Life Activation journey, I have learned how to find the state of body & mind to feel whole, grounded, and deeply connected with myself and the world around me. Life Activation showed me how to be in tune with my inner-self and express my thoughts with confidence and reason.  I still feel the fire inside me that is helping me to make space in my life for what matters. Now that I’ve learned it’s okay to let go of the past and thrive on positive energies, I feel connected to every small and large aspect of our universe. “

    • Kayla Jane
  • “Alex and Olivia are highly esteemed and valued spiritual teachers and friends of mine, who I cherish and love.  I have only taken a few lessons from them, yet they have already had a profound impact on my life, specifically my spirituality, and my understanding of the nature of reality, not just with their knowledge but also with their admirable character.  They are both full of life, love, light, and leadership, so it is no surprise that I adore being in their magnificent presence.

    Their home is very conducive to learning and relaxation, as I immediately feel a sense of calm whenever I enter it and feel eager anticipation to re-enter it whenever I exit.

    I am very grateful to both of them for their contribution to the dissemination of ancient wisdom and tools that help to elevate consciousness and transcend our (self-imposed) limitations, a service that I think is quite rare in modern society.  .”

    • Sumeet Saini

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